How much will it cost me?

Solar Analytics subscription prices include access to the dashboard for both customers and retailers, communication and hosting costs, and all the patented algorithms which provide our insights and solutions.

We currently offer our products through our business partners and solar professionals who can give you an exact quote depending on your site’s requirements.

Two ways to install Solar Analytics:


Benefits include: a 4G connection which doesn't rely on wifi and data that's updated every five seconds. Works with any inverter  excluding Hybrid and DC coupled batteries.

Solar Analytics Classic hardware KR-63
Hardware requirements:
  • Solar Analytics Smart Monitor
    Ask your retailer for a quote
  • 3G / 4G connectivity
Key features:
  • 5 second live data
  • Sub-circuit monitoring


Benefits include: lower installation and ongoing costs, with data collected directly from the inverter (currently compatible with Sungrow and Fronius -more integrations on the way)

Sungrow Inverter hardware
Hardware requirements:
  • Sungrow or Fronius inverter
  • A consumption meter is strongly recommended
  • Wifi connectivity (ethernet or 4G if available)
Key features:
  • 5 minute data
  • Dynamic control (hybrid inverters and batteries)
  • Relevant Agent export control

Our subscription prices

Prices shown below include subscription only. Additional hardware and installation costs may apply.
Talk to your solar retailer for a detailed quote.

Integrated solution

5 years
Over 15kW
15kW and under

Classic solution

$6 /month
$10 /month
Over 15kW
15kW and under
10 years
5 years
All prices above are RRP per device in AUD, including GST, and apply only to Australia.
Ask your solar retailer about our discounted two-for-one subscription offer for sites requiring more than one device. See our Terms and Conditions for details.
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