Data from anywhere

Solar Analytics can access data from a variety of sources.

Integrating directly with the inverter and consumption meter is the simplest way to connect with no additional hardware required. Currently available with Fronius and Sungrow inverters, and more brands on the way.

Our Solar Smart Monitor can be used on any solar system to provide a complete range of options and additional functionality.

All the data you need

Solar and consumption data combined gives you the complete view of your home’s energy profile. Real time data collected in up to 5 second intervals tells you what is going on right now, and circuit level monitoring provides even more detail into specific loads and appliances. Upload your most recent electricity bill to enable accurate savings calculations.
What does it do?

Using smart algorithms

We take the exact specifications of your system and match it to your local weather data to calculate the expected solar production for each day. Our patented True Performance algorithms compare what the system should have produced to the actual output. This enables automated diagnostics of faults, shading and other under-performance issues.
How much does it cost?

Everything you need to know

Solar Analytics is constantly watching over your system to provide insights and updates to the Dashboard. Connect to the My Solar Dashboard on any device, anytime to best manage your solar, battery and energy. With automated alerts and notifications, Solar Analytics will let you know when something needs attention, even if you aren’t watching.
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Plan Optimiser

Looking to reduce your electricity bill even more with your solar? Our Plan Optimiser tool takes the guesswork out of finding the right solar energy plan based on your actual home energy usage data.

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Plan Optimiser snapshot - Solar Analytics

Savings Analysis

Watch your solar savings grow with the most accurate savings calculations and track your payback.

Solar savings snapshot - Solar Analytics

Energy Insights

Understand when you produce and use energy so you can shift your electricity usage and make the most of your solar

Energy usage snapshot - Solar Analytics

True Performance Monitoring

Make sure your solar is performing at 100%, and if it's not, our solar performance management tool will let you know.

System performance snapshot - Solar Analytics

Solar Battery Calculator

Know when it's the right time to invest in a battery and which size is right for you

Battery calculator snapshot - Solar Analytics