Get more from your solar

Our smart solar software delivers you more value from your solar system. Get more confidence in your system, more savings, and more insights.
What does it do?

My Solar Dashboard

Solar Analytics Savings
Savings Analyst
Watch your solar system pay itself back by increasing your savings with every electricity bill.
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Solar Analytics Energy management
Energy Insights
See when you are using energy and learn how to save money by shifting your usage patterns.
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Solar Analytics - System performance symbol
True Performance Monitoring
Make sure your system is always performing at its peak. We'll tell you if something goes wrong.
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Plan Optimiser

Take the guesswork out of saving on energy bills.

Know you're always on the best energy plan based on your actual solar and household data
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How it works

Your solar and energy data is collected and analysed by a suite of automated algorithms. Everything you need to get more from your solar.
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The tech behind it all.

Integrated software solution icon
Integrated Software Solution
Solar Analytics software is compatible with data from a wide range of inverters and smart meters.
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Energy data icon
Accurate, Real-time Energy Data
5 sec live data including power, frequency, voltage and power factor help diagnose site issues and monitor energy usage.
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Patented algorithms icon
Smart performance algorithms
Site-specific features combined with weather data provide accurate predictions that learn from the site's performance .
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Your system in safe hands

Get more confidence knowing that Solar Analytics is always looking after your system, ensuring that everything is working as it should. We will let you know if something needs attention to keep things working optimally.
How does it work?

Our contribution to the solar community

Just released: Plan Optimiser!

Solar Analytics’ smart solar software helps maximise the value of your rooftop solar system based on your actual data. Plan Optimiser uses this data to help you save on your energy bill.
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