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Wattwatchers integrated

Our Wattwatchers hardware-enabled product is ideal for residential and commercial solar site owners who need more flexibility, more granular data options, including live data and - because it uses the 4G network - it’s also a great solution for sites where there’s no wifi, or the wifi is unreliable.

Classic hardware works with all types of inverters, and can be installed on new or existing sites of virtually any size or type. You can also set it up to monitor individual circuits, so you can track and optimise the energy usage for multiple sub loads, such as your hot water or pool pump, all in one compact package.
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Solar Analytics' Wattwatchers product offers:

  • 4G communications: no wifi connection needed
  • Works with multiple inverters of any brand
  • Measures your solar production and energy usage
  • Track energy consumption of up to six subcircuits, so you can have a more detailed overview of your energy usage
  • 5-second live data, making it easier for you to shift your energy usage in real-time
  • Suitable for single-phase, two-phase, or three-phase electrical systems
  • Bi-directionally measure anything AC up to 3000A
  • Remote firmware updates, diagnostics, polarity and phase rotation
  • +/- 0.5% full scale measurement accuracy
  • Suitable for LGC measurement
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