How to get Solar Analytics

CATCH Control integrated

Our CATCH Control hardware-enabled product is ideal for residential solar site owners who need more flexibility, more granular data options, including live data and - most importantly - the ability to control appliances so you can make the most of your solar production. Find out more about CATCH Control here.

CATCH Control hardware works with 20 leading brands of inverters, and can be installed on new or existing single phase sites. 
Solar Analytics dashboard


Solar Analytics' CATCH Control integrated product offers:

  • Free Solar Analytics
  • WiFi connected
  • Connect multiple inverters to one monitoring platform
  • Controls electrical loads based on time or how much solar you’re producing
  • Measures your solar production and energy usage
  • Live metrology data, making it easier for you to shift your energy usage in real-time
  • Suitable for single-phase electrical systems
  • Bi-directionally measure anything AC up to 100A
  • Remote firmware updates, diagnostics and polarity
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