Just released: Plan Optimiser!

Introducing Plan Optimiser 

Solar Analytics’ smart solar software can do incredible things with data to help maximise the value of your rooftop solar system. Now we are able to do even more with that data by helping you take the guesswork out of saving on your energy bill.  

We are very excited to announce the Plan Optimiser release. This amazing new feature uses your actual solar and household energy data to compare the available energy plans on the market and automatically find the best plan for you. 

Energy Plans are Confusing 

As solar owners quickly discover, the savings generated by solar systems are intrinsically linked to the energy plan they choose. If a solar owner signs up to the wrong plan, or doesn’t change plans when their energy profile changes, they can literally throw hundreds of dollars of savings down the drain and reduce their payback.

“Fantastic! I’m going to get great savings from my solar system from now on, but which energy plan is right for me to match to my solar home?” 

Every single one of Australia’s 2.7million solar owners has faced this question, and finding the answer has not been easy. Competition in the energy retailing market has resulted in countless options with wildly varying solar export rates, flat rates, time of use rates and fixed charges. As the market offers become more confusing and convoluted, it is no wonder that the number of customers actually switching has been decreasing, even as more offers become available¹. 

Enter Plan Optimiser

As part of the suite of powerful solar management tools, Plan Optimiser draws on the same data that powers the other Solar Analytics features such as True Performance Monitoring and Solar Savings.

The home’s solar and consumption data is analysed to create a unique energy profile and then run through a set of algorithms that look at all the available energy plans on the market. The various combinations of time of use vs flat rate, export / import tariffs and other charges are considered to optimise for maximum savings for your unique energy profile. 

All the top plan options are then clearly presented allowing you to choose the best plan for you. 

These calculations are updated every month with new available plans that may have come on the market and matched against your most current energy profile. This means that you can always know that you are on the best plan.

The Savings are Real 

In our initial trials in NSW, we found that 70% of customers could save money by switching to a better plan. Of those, the average savings amounted to $400 per year, with some customers able to save thousands! It’s no wonder that we are excited to release this powerful tool only to Solar Analytics customers. 

How you can get it

The Plan Optimiser release will be available to Solar Analytics residential customers with an active subscription at no extra cost. It can be accessed with both the Classic and Integrated solutions, however a consumption meter is required for Integrated sites. 

It will initially be offered in NSW, SA, ACT, TAS, VIC and Southern QLD with a staged rollout scheduled for early September 2021

If you are buying solar, talk to your retailer about including Solar Analytics.  


1. https://www.aer.gov.au/publications/state-of-the-energy-market-reports/state-of-the-energy-market-2021

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