The Battery decision - now or later?

Our partners at Wattwatchers know a thing or two about connected homes; CEO Gavin Dietz uses Solar Analytics and the solar smart monitor (by Wattwatchers) to understand his home energy use and dramatically reduce his energy costs. And for a 'Connected Home Guy' like Gavin, the big question is when to install a battery to drive those bills down even more.

Wattwatchers uses Solar Analytics dashboard for battery decision

He says, "If I do end up with battery storage, whatever my apprehensions, the capacity I'll need and the spend involved will be a lot less because I took the time to understand how energy is generated and used in my home, then took steps to reconfigure time of use, then paid attention to energy saving, then bought better, and only after all that invested in home storage."

Gavin runs through the pros and cons of installing solar batteries now, or later here on the Wattwatchers blog - a great read.

Solar Analytics battery calculator

If you are thinking about installing a battery, use the Battery Calculator feature in your Solar Analytics monitoring dashboard. If you have been using our monitoring for 30 days, you'll have enough data to give you an accurate and independent recommendation on battery size and timing for your household. Ask us for more information here.

Solar Analytics
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