The 2040 Film showcasing shared solar and microgrids

Two of our company values that we strive to achieve every day are "We put people first" and "We do meaningful work". With these values in mind, we organised a company outing for our staff and their families to the movies at our local Golden Age Cinema in the old Paramount building in Surry Hills, to see the excellent 2040 film.

The 2040 film is a "hybrid feature documentary" written, directed and stars Damon Gameau, the creator of That Sugar Film; an Aussie who looks for solutions and answers when presented with large-scale problems. The film addresses some of the solutions that already exist in 2019 that - with full support - could help change the effects of climate change in 2040 using the theory of 'doughnut economics'. The film interviews innovators and changemakers in economics, technology, civil society, agriculture, education and sustainability. It's an engaging and uplifting film, seen through the eyes of a young father who is hopefully for the future.

The first 20 or so minutes of the film are dedicated to the creation of microgrids in Bangladesh by the company SolShare, and their solar sharing platform. We know that the work we do is meaningful, but it's incredibly motivating for us as a business to see these kind of solar technologies playing out around the world, and how we can contribute with our own technology.

Solar Analytics team at the 2040 movie
Solar Analytics team at the 2040 movie

We highly recommend adding the 2040 Film to your watch list for a movie that focuses on finding solutions; we all need more of that!

Special thanks to our Operations Engineer Haubert for the fantastic photos.

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