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Thinking about getting solar can be a confusing and overwhelming task. Common questions include: is now the right time to get solar on your roof? Or if you already have solar, is it time to upgrade? Should you get a solar battery? Can you save more by upgrading or changing your hot water system? How will an electric vehicle affect your bill?

That’s why we made our new Solar Maximiser tool - to take the guesswork out of getting solar and help you achieve the energy freedom of a near zero energy bill, net zero emissions, and zero energy worries!

What is Solar Maximiser?

Solar Maximiser is a free tool that gives you a personalised report on the best solar solution to maximise your solar savings and minimise your energy bill, in just 60 seconds.

It does this by comparing your details to thousands of existing Solar Analytics customers to recommend a range of optimised solar solutions just for you; from rooftop solar, to batteries, to upgrading to an energy-efficient hot water heat pump.

On average Solar Maximiser users can find yearly savings of $2200 for households who don’t yet have solar panels - and $850 a year for those that already have solar.

Screen showing a range of recommendations for solar systems from Solar Maximiser
Example recommendation for a new solar system from the Solar Maximiser

How is it different to other calculators?

While there are plenty of other solar and battery calculators out there, Solar Maximiser is built differently. Other calculators make recommendations based on approximate information, assumptions, and equations, whereas Solar Maximiser uses high-resolution solar and energy data from tens of thousands of existing Solar Analytics customers, thousands of electricity retail plans, and your detailed information to make an accurate assessment of which Smart Energy solution is best for you.

Solar Maximiser is the only calculator that provides:

  • Comparison of all Smart Energy options: rooftop solar, batteries, electric hot water systems, and electric vehicles
  • Optimises each Smart Energy option for your specific needs and household details
  • Supports different electricity plan structures (e.g., flat or time of use)
  • Considers location specific data for network constraints, export limits, rebates, energy plans, weather, household energy usage and solar generation
  • Is completely unbiased and independent
  • Provides you with helpful links and reports to get guide you into and through the next step of getting a quote from a trusted retailer
  • Is able to provide recommendations for upgrading an existing solar system

This means that you get a much more accurate analysis of how much you can save with each Smart Energy option, so you are in control and can decide what is best for you.

Solar Maximiser showing recommendations for upgrading an existing solar system
Example recommendation for upgrading an existing solar system from the Solar Maximiser.

Give it a try today!

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