Solar Analytics review by Solar Choice

James Martin at Solar Choice has recently installed Solar Analytics to join his two other solar and energy monitoring solutions and takes us on the journey as he reviews each system and how he uses them to get more value from his solar system.

First up is the Solartopia #11 blog post as James installs Solar Analytics and shares his first impressions.

We think this quote is pretty ace: "One thing that sets Solar Analytics apart from other monitoring systems is its sophisticated system performance assessment algorithm. My Solar Analytics unit is still collecting data, but once it has enough it will be able to tell me – in balance – whether my system is performing as it should be in consideration of factors like local weather, system components and dust buildup. It will even tip me off if it looks like there is a shadow creeping onto my solar panels that is significantly impacting system output."

Secondly is the full review: Solar Analytics energy monitoring system reviewed. In summary:

"Solar Analytics is a great monitoring platform with a sharp focus on solar performance. It gives you, the user, a huge amount of data about your home’s electricity ecosystem, accessible from the palm of your hand. The company behind it is Australian, and nearly 20,000 units are already installed around the country. At roughly $300-$600 to have Solar Analytics put in at your home, it’s not exactly cheap, but is a worthwhile sum to pay for the insight that it brings – especially if you’re investing in a brand new solar system and want to make sure you’ve got a solid way to monitor its performance."

We look forward to future Solartopia blog posts to read more about how James is using Solar Analytics, CarbonTrack, Reposit and his inverter monitoring.

Solar Analytics
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