Solar Analytics pulls together simpler Smart Home Energy offering

Solar Analytics is in the final stages of development of a suite of Smart Home Energy offerings, made simple for consumers. We have established key strategic partnerships with Apricus Hot Water and Catch Power to enable intelligent control of hot water, and are working with three hardware partners including Wattwatchers and SwitchDin to implement battery control capabilities.

Solar Analytics is harnessing our own user-friendly smart solar and energy monitoring platform to help homeowners manage leading home energy technologies including battery control and hot water diversion.

Stefan Jarnason, Solar Analytics CEO said, “Most home energy products are complicated and hard to understand. We have selected the best third party energy products to integrate into our Smart Home Energy offering. A home using all of these energy saving technologies, coupled with the usable data and valuable insights from Solar Analytics monitoring, will see significant energy reductions and cost savings.”

Solar Analytics is in the final stages of pilot trials for new software services and is establishing key strategic partnerships with other Australian innovators that will enable a faster path to market.

Battery Control

Solar Analytics already provides reliable battery sizing and timing tools for all customers, and is currently monitoring almost 100 batteries across Australia, with this number growing rapidly, and demand strong for battery control.

The majority of Solar Analytics customers have already used the solar battery calculator in their monitoring dashboard to determine the right time for them to invest in a battery, and the best battery sizing for their needs, based on their solar production and household energy consumption patterns.

Jarnason said, “Our team of eight world-leading energy data scientists have spent the last twelve months developing the most sophisticated battery control algorithms available. These algorithms leverage our solar insights, our energy insights, our solar forecasting and our energy consumption forecasting, and they are ready to go.

“We are currently working with three hardware partners (including WattWatchers and SwitchDin) to provide comprehensive battery control,that is far and above anything offered in the market today. We expect to have our first batteries under control in the next month, and to launch more broadly across the market within the Quarter.”

Smart Hot Water products and diversion

Solar Analytics has also consolidated hot water capabilities with two key partnerships with local Australian companies, Apricus Hot Water and Catch Power.

Solar Analytics and Apricus Hot Water have agreed to proceed with final development of a new range of smart hot water products designed to reduce energy demand, increase hot water supply and store excess PV energy in a smarter, connected platform.

Apricus Australia CEO Chris Taylor said, "We searched the world for a company that could unleash our smarter hot water concept and frankly, these guys blew our mind. It’s fantastic to be working with another local company who really do have incredible talent."

Solar Analytics has also partnered with solar diverter start-up Catch Power on a collaborative product that intelligently soaks up excess PV energy as hot water. The companies are finalising testing on the offering that combines the analytics and monitoring power of Solar Analytics with a simpler, even more cost-effective diverter.

Business Development Director Nigel Morris said "Our strategy is to partner with like-minded, innovative technology partners to expand our product depth and reach and it's a pleasure to be working with Apricus Hot Water and Catch Power. These partnerships are the next step in creating a much bigger and more valuable ecosystem of intelligent energy and cost-saving products that deliver smarter energy solutions. To say I'm excited is a massive understatement- this is truly game-changing innovation, right here in Redfern"

There are several other energy-saving product features in development - built directly into Solar Analytics monitoring - that will be announced in the next few months, all with the consumer squarely in mind.

"Increasing our customers’ solar savings are at our core, and our incredible data insights will unlock savings potential across the Smart Home Energy spectrum for Solar Analytics customers - simply and regularly.” Jarnason said.

Read whole story on the One Step Off The Grid website.

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