Solar Analytics monitoring review by CHOICE Australia

CHOICE Australia has released an article comparing Home Energy Management Systems, including Solar Analytics!

CHOICE explains that when it comes to saving money on your electricity bill, "a home energy management system (HEMS) helps you track your energy use so you can identify trends and opportunities for change." And on top of reducing costs, they can help you reduce emissions.

These include:

- moving heavy energy-using appliances to run during solar-producing hours (this is called load shifting)
- using excess solar to heat up a hot water system, or pre-cool or pre-heat a home with air-conditioning (read more about how to reduce electricity bills using aircon and solar)
- getting the correct battery size for your system
- identify energy spikes that indicate failing appliances, or other anomalies
- and for Solar Analytics monitoring users, any shading or solar performance issues versus expected to identify problems as they start to happen (and not well after!)

Our Business Development Director Nigel Morris is quoted as saying that all households (not just solar households) can benefit from more information:

"The number one benefit is that what was once invisible becomes visible."

There are also a number of great dashboard examples to show how Solar Analytics has provided value for specific customers.

Head to the CHOICE Australia website to read the piece.

Find out more about Solar Analytics Monitoring on our How It Works page.

Solar Analytics
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