Solar Analytics announcements for resellers July 2017

A few weeks ago, I celebrated six months here at Solar Analytics.

Over the last twenty five years I’ve worked for five different solar companies and consulted with many hundreds more. My wife can’t understand why I still get excited about solar; but you know what, I still do.

Solar Analytics is no different; in fact, I have to admit that as I have learned more about what our products and services offer, and watching new features rolling out regularly just keeps blowing my mind. Who knew software could be so damn exciting!?

12 Circuits for no extra subscription cost

Let’s get to the headline first.

The thing I like most about working for a nimble start-up is the ability to respond rapidly to what the market asks for and our latest news is a perfect example of this. In case you missed it, we just addressed one of the most common requests that solar installers and consumers have.

Quite often, solar sites have the solar inverter connected to a sub board, technically requiring two of our devices and two subscriptions. The ongoing cost of two subscriptions has made this scenario a challenge but we are delighted to announce that from 19th July 2017, Solar Analytics will be providing a two-for-one offering.

That’s right, install two Solar Analytics devices and only pay one subscription cost!

If for example, you install two of our 6CT devices, this allows you to monitor an incredible 12 separate circuits on a single subscription….at 30 second intervals….and +/-0.5% accuracy….using 3G!

Subscriptions going live

You will also have read that we are only a few weeks away from the formal activation of our subscription service.

To be clear our subscription price has not changed - it was and remains either $6 per month or $60 pa for residential applications.

The update that will apply from 19th July 2017 is that we’ll require the customer’s credit card details to be entered when the site is commissioned, so that we can automatically renew the subscription without interruption.

Solar Analytics subscription

It's the exact same way that Netflix, Spotify, Pod Tracker, Toll passes, Opal cards, Gym memberships - or effectively any direct debit type of payment, operates. The big difference between our subscription and many others is that a) you can opt-out at any time and b) it's a fixed, rather than variable price.

Having said this, we do appreciate that it's kind of unfamiliar territory in solar monitoring which is why we have thoroughly trialled the process.

Notifications update

We aren’t stopping there though! Our team have been progressively rolling out regular improvements to the way our dashboard works and also the Notifications that we create based on our smart algorithms.

I like to think of Notifications as where some of the magic happens because we take ones and zeros in the form of data and customise them into meaningful advice for end users. This is a great example of how we are unique and we help guide your customers to increased savings – and it’s all included in the price!

We email customers from time to time about how many Notifications have been generated and they can view them by clicking the icon at the top right of their dashboard. We already have twenty unique Notifications individually generated for each end user by our algorithms.


Just a sample of some of our Notifications include the following:

AC Load shifting advice:

“Last week you purchased {purchased} kWh of power from the grid to run the air conditioner during the evenings. During the day, you exported {exported} kWh of unused solar energy to the grid. To reduce your bills consider making the most of your free solar energy by pre-heating or cooling your home during the day.”

And a comparative ranking to drive behavioural change:

“In the month of (month), you purchased (grid_dependence)% of your electricity from the grid. That places you number (rank) out of your 100 nearest neighbours. Use more of your solar energy during the day to boost your ranking next month!"

And a feel good message to celebrate lower energy consumption, prompting them to ask how:

“Last week, you lowered your typical household energy consumption by (percentage_consumption_decrease}%. Nice work!”

I hope you are as excited as I am about what you can do with simple, accurate and really well-priced smart energy monitoring. Got questions? Drop us a line or call us directly.

Our Business Development Director Nigel Morris counts more than 25 years of work in the solar industry but it's his positive approach to life, good-guy attitude and his cool electric motorbike that we really value. We love the nickname that his son game him - Captain Solar.

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