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We hear you - it’s not always easy to switch tariff types. Our customers have given us a bunch of feedback about the plan switching process, and we know it can be hard to switch from a time of use tariff to a flat tariff (or vice versa) - and the options are different depending on which retailer you’re trying to switch to and where you live. Because of this we’ve made some changes to changes to our solar Plan Optimiser software - we now default to showing you plans that match your current tariff type first although - if you’re keen to switch tariff types - you can view them all easily by choosing to ‘view all tariff types’ or view just flat rate or time of use tariff types.  

Additionally, at the moment we know things are constantly changing in the electricity market, which is why we’ve moved to updating plans weekly (so each time you visit, you know you’re getting the most accurate plan recommendations). We’ve also removed plans from retailers who’ve stopped accepting new customers recently (ReAmped, Nectar, Radian Energy, Mojo Power etc) and we’ll keep monitoring the situation.

Basically, our goal is to make sure you can easily switch to all the plans offered on Plan Optimiser and to make the switching process as painless as possible. Read our guide on how to switch plans - and actually get what you want for more info.

Published: 9th August 2022

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