GeekLingo reviews Solar Analytics Monitoring 6CT

GeekLingo contributor Noeneel Sharma reviews Solar Analytics Monitoring, sharing the installation process and his home dashboard using our 6CT Solar Smart Monitor (measures six circuits). Read all about it here.

Noeneel Sharma Geeklingo solar energy monitoring graph

Noeneel has some great insights into the use of solar and energy monitoring concluding,

"With the lack of detailed information in electricity bills it has become more important to be able to do some form of reconciliation to ensure that you have been charged correctly, your solar is performing and identify where you can manage your consumption better. Whilst there are free services such as pvoutput around that do a great job, Solar Analytics is a great example of where data capture is taken to the next level.

From using the product only a short while, there is no doubt that a lot of thought and design work has gone into the dashboard. Whilst there remains room for improvement to satisfy power users, most will be satisfied with what is provided out of the box.

A great solution worthy of consideration if you are in the market for a plug and forget style monitoring solution and don’t mind paying a small monthly service fee."

We're so pleased that you are getting value from your system Noeneel; thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Solar Analytics
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