By Popular Demand...Dashboard Updates

You asked, we listened! Based on your feedback about the Dashboard, the number one thing you wanted us to improve was the layout. We’ve now ensured that the most important features - the ones that change daily and the ones you use most often - are up the top. Now when you log in you’ll see My Energy Usage, My Electricity Bill and Performance at the top of your Dashboard view so you can see all your key stats at a glance.

And remember, we love feedback so please tell us what you think about the Dashboard (any time!).

What’s Coming Next...

We’re always working to improve the Dashboard, and we’re not done yet. Here are some upcoming improvements to Plan Optimiser and My Electricity Bill:

1. Stepped Solar Feed-In Tariffs in Plan Optimiser

Many electricity retailers now have plans where you get a bonus feed-in tariff for the first block of usage each day. These higher feed-in rates are great for solar customers but you might not get as much benefit out of them if you have a large amount of export each day. We will be including these types of rates into the Plan Optimiser so you can compare and see whether one of these is right for you.

2. Controlled Load Tariffs in Plan Optimiser

We’ve received lots of feedback that for many of you controlled load makes up a significant portion of your bill, so needs to be considered in Plan Optimiser. We will be adding the ability to compare controlled tariffs to the Plan Optimiser soon!

3. Stepped Feed-In Tariffs, Controlled Load and Membership Fees to the My Electricity Bill page:

“If you’re able to calculate them in the Plan Optimiser, surely you can add them to my current plan!”, we hear you screaming. Well, we agree! Allowing these types of rates to be added to your current plan will be our #1 priority just as soon as we’ve added them to Plan Optimiser.

4. Comparing Custom Time Periods in Plan Optimiser

Many of you want to use more data in the Plan Optimiser to check for things like seasonal variation. We get this, and we’ll be adding it in. Right after we make sure the most relevant rates are in there first. After all, if we don't have all the right rates available, what’s the point of a year-long comparison?

Published: 17th February 2022

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