Dashboard Tips and Tricks

So you’ve got your solar system up and running, and you’re already saving money with Solar Analytics (nice one!). If you’re ready to level up, here’s a bunch of tips and tricks you may not know about that can help you really make the most of your Dashboard:

1. Adjust the date range of many cards by clicking the calendar icon in the top corner

Available on all devices

Many cards have calendar icons that allow you to view different or custom date ranges

2. Click on any of the cards on your Dashboard to view more detailed information

Available on all devices

Video showing someone clicking through to the Performance page from the Performance card on the Dashboard

3. Edit your current plan by clicking on it, and then going through each of the steps

Available on all devices

A gif showing a user scrolling down, clicking on their electricity plan and updating their plan details

4. Tap the live monitor to see both production and consumption at the same time

Available on all devices

Image showing the 'live monitor' dropdown, with 5-second consumption and production data

5. Custom date ranges in My Energy Usage

Available on desktop, laptop and tablet devices

Tab through weeks, months and years and use the slider to view custom time periods

6. View all-time expected vs actual solar production on your Production page

Available on desktop, laptop and tablet devices

Use the 'total' tab to see all-time expected versus actual solar production

Published: 11th March 2022

Solar Analytics
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