Case Study: How much electricity does a slow cooker use?

Solar Analytics' Solar Smart Monitor measures your solar production, and how much solar energy you export back to the grid. It also measures all your household consumption data.

Are you exporting most of your energy? Is there a time of day when your load surges? Is one discrete device using most of this energy? Are there opportunities to change things?

We can tell you all that.

But here’s a real world example of how it helped me. My wife has read all the horror stories about gas prices and being time-poor, she bought us an electric slow cooker. Ahhhh!!!! I thought – what a horrendous burden on our electricity bill that will be.

Luckily, I was wrong.

By checking my Solar Analytics dashboard I could see that although there were spikes in use, the average and total energy used by the slow cooker was remarkably low; around 0.6kWh for a slow cooked roast, for example. My Solar Analytics monitoring avoided unnecessary marital disharmony, proved my wife right and with a timer, we can use our solar energy rather than exporting it. Win.

“But hang on” you say; “What if I want I want to know how much energy my individual appliances are using?”

Here’s what I do. To measure any appliance’s individual impact I simply log into my Solar Analytics dashboard and click on the Live Monitor. This will gives me the real electricity usage at that point with all my appliances and other usage combined. Then, I simply switch on the appliance that I want to measure, wait five seconds and watch the electricity usage increase on the Live Monitor. (see my electric kettle below). I subtract the new total electricity usage from the previous total to find out what the appliance uses. Simple!

Solar Analytics live monitor

Interestingly, I often notice spikes as loads “start up”, then they settle down – sometimes cycling on and off.

Let us know what you discover about your appliances and how much energy they use!

If you don't already have Solar Analytics monitoring, you can learn more about how works our website - see the How It Works page.

Our Business Development Director Nigel Morris counts more than 25 years of work in the solar industry but it's his positive approach to life, good-guy attitude and his cool electric motorbike that we really value. We love the nickname that his son game him - Captain Solar.

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