Data from anywhere

Solar Analytics can access data from a variety of sources.

Integrating directly with the inverter and consumption meter is the simplest way to connect with no additional hardware required. Currently available with Fronius and Sungrow inverters, and more brands on the way.

Our Solar Smart Monitor can be used on any solar system to provide a complete range of options and additional functionality.

All the data you need

Solar and consumption data combined gives you the complete view of your home’s energy profile. Real time data collected in up to 5 second intervals tells you what is going on right now, and circuit level monitoring provides even more detail into specific loads and appliances. Upload your most recent electricity bill to enable accurate savings calculations.
What does it do?

Using smart algorithms

We take the exact specifications of your system and match it to your local weather data to calculate the expected solar production for each day. Our patented True Performance algorithms compare what the system should have produced to the actual output. This enables automated diagnostics of faults, shading and other under-performance issues.
How much does it cost?

Everything you need to know

Solar Analytics is constantly watching over your system to provide insights and updates to the Dashboard. Connect to the My Solar Dashboard on any device, anytime to best manage your solar, battery and energy. With automated alerts and notifications, Solar Analytics will let you know when something needs attention, even if you aren’t watching.
I want to get started

Reclaim Energy Heat Pumps: The future's perfect hot water solution

Solar Analytics has partnered with Reclaim Energy heat pumps to help save you even more on your electricity bill.

If you have a Reclaim Wi-Fi heat pump, Solar Analytics can provide you free information about your heat pump's energy usage and advice on how to operate it to maximise your savings.

If you already have rooftop solar and a compatible inverter, you're also eligible for one year free Solar Analytics.
Get one year free Solar Analytics on us

Solar Analytics is a real time energy management that provides you with:

Plan Optimiser - find the best electricity plan for your home
True Performance - Make sure your system is performing as it should
Savings Analysis - track your savings from your solar and heat pump
Energy Insights - see the best times use your energy
Solar Battery Calculator - know when to invest in a battery

*Available for Fronius, Sungrow, GoodWe, GE Solar and LG inverters. New subscribers only.

To sign up

1. Open your Reclaim Energy app (download the app here)
2. Navigate to Setup
3. Click "Register with Solar Analytics"
4. Follow the prompts

Is now the time to get solar?

Check out Solar Maximiser to see how much you could save with solar. Solar Maximiser finds the best combination of Rooftop Solar, Battery and Hot Water Heat Pump to maximise your energy savings.

What can you offer me now?

Solar Analytics can still provide you free summary information about your Reclaim heat pump energy usage, energy plans on the market, and advice on how to operate your heat pump to maximise your savings.

To sign up

1. Open your Reclaim Energy app (download the app here)
2. Navigate to Setup
3. Click "Register with Solar Analytics"
4. Follow the prompts

How does it work?

Your Reclaim Wi-Fi heat pump is connected to your home Wi-Fi. Via the Reclaim energy app, you authorise Solar Analytics to view energy data from your heat pump. Solar Analytics analyses your data, along with local weather data, and the data of thousands of other customers, to provide guidance on how you can minimise your hot water energy bill and maximise your average annual savings.

Revolutionising Energy Efficiency: Solar Analytics Integration with Your Heat Pump Hot Water System

Discover the seamless integration of Solar Analytics with Reclaim Energy's Heat Pump Hot Water System and the unparalleled advantages it brings to your energy management:

🔍 1. Optimal Energy Monitoring

Harness the power of Solar Analytics to monitor and analyse your hot water delivery and energy consumption patterns in real-time. Gain valuable insights into your hot water system's efficiency, allowing you to make informed decisions for energy optimisation.

💰 2. Cost-effective Operation

By combining Solar Analytics' intelligent monitoring with Reclaim Energy's advanced heat pump technology hot water systems, you'll experience a significant reduction in operational costs. Achieve optimal energy efficiency without compromising on comfort.

📈 3. Intelligent Performance Tracking

Solar Analytics provides detailed performance tracking, allowing you to assess how effectively your Reclaim Energy Heat Pump Hot Water System operates. Identify areas for improvement and ensure your heat pump return heating system consistently delivers peak performance.

🌿 4. Sustainability at its Core

Embark on a journey towards a more sustainable future with Solar Analytics and Reclaim Energy. This collaboration is not merely about efficiency but also about minimising environmental impact. By maximising energy input through the utilisation of renewable energy sources, your hot water system becomes a beacon of sustainability. Embrace eco-friendly practices without compromising on comfort.

🔧 5. Streamlined Maintenance

Leverage Solar Analytics to receive proactive alerts about your hot water system's performance. Stay ahead of potential issues and streamline maintenance efforts, ensuring your Reclaim Energy Heat Pump operates to produce hot water at its best for years to come.

▶️ 6. Easy Heat Pump Installation for Instant Comfort

Benefit from the straightforward installation process of the Reclaim Energy Heat Pump Hot Water System, designed with your convenience in mind. Our user-friendly installation ensures a seamless transition to energy efficiency without the hassle. By choosing the Reclaim Energy solution, you not only gain access to cutting-edge technology but also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a stress-free setup. Experience the advantages of an easy installation that puts you on the fast track to enjoying the perfect hot water solution without any unnecessary complications.