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Auto Connect allows us to automatically connect your Sungrow, Fronius, Goodwe, GE Solar and LG inverters to Solar Analytics.

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Solar retailer benefits
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How It Works
Sign up to Auto Connect and give us your preferences
We will create a Solar Analytics fleet for you (if you do not have one already)
We will start registering your customers to Solar Analytics
We will invite your customers to Solar Analytics

You can cancel Auto Connect at any time, and your customers are under no obligation to renew when their subscription ends.
For more details click here.

Integrated+ means we can now offer consumption monitoring via retail electricity meters (no inverter consumption meters needed).
It's available for sites in the National Electricity Market (QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, SA).
Find out more about Integrated+.
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Next Steps
Now you know how easy it is to add Solar Analytics with Auto Connect, there's one last tip to help you make it seamless.
Make sure you tell your customers how valuable it is!
In your sales pitch, in your system manual, it's up to you - the important thing is to make sure your customers are delighted, not caught by surprise, when their invitation turns up.

Download the consumer brochure here and share it with your customer.
Thanks for choosing Solar Analytics and Auto Connect.
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What is Auto Connect?


Auto Connect is the newest offer from Solar Analytics which allows you to give all of your integrated customers Solar Analytics without any of the work to create a new site.

How does Solar Analytics and Auto Connect benefit a solar retailer’s business?


Auto Connect saves retailers time and money by automating site commissioning and reduces the chance of data entry errors. It can be done automatically every time, in retrospect or by end users.

How can I try it before sharing my login?


If you would like to try it on a couple of sites before signing up, simply email our team at and they help you try it before sharing your login.

What will you be sending to my customers?


After consenting and filling up the above form. Solar Analytics will start registering your site. As part of this process, your customers will receive:

• An email from their inverter app informing them that their site has been shared with Solar Analytics
• An email from Solar Analytics to activate their dashboard login
• An onboarding email each week with tips on how to get the most out of Solar Analytics

In all cases, customers can unsubscribe from communications with Solar Analytics should they wish.

What subscription options are available?


You can choose to provide your customers with a prepaid subscription for 1-year, 5-years or 10-years. We will invoice you after each batch of new sites is completed. 

If you choose a prepaid subscription option, we will assume you have discussed this with your customer and will directly provide them with their login.

What is the benefit to the solar owner?


Solar Owners benefit from our advanced solar monitoring solution which helps them save more from their solar. See all our benefits here.

What is the subscription price?


See our prices here.