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What is Solar Maximiser ?
Solar Maximiser finds the best combination of Rooftop Solar, Battery and Hot Water Heat Pump to maximise your energy savings.
Personalised, independent advice to optimise your Smart Energy choices.

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Is now the time to get rooftop solar or upgrade your solar system? Is a solar battery right for you, or should you upgrade to an energy-efficient hot water heat pump? In just 60 seconds, Solar Maximiser can help you find out!


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See the savings you can get from adding the optimal rooftop solar, solar battery and hot water heat pump.


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Get your recommended Smart Energy solutions in 60 seconds, based on your unique needs.

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Find out which will save you more - a heat pump, solar, or battery?

Award Winners

Solar Analytics has won numerous awards including B Corp Best For The World for Environment category; Smart Cities for Best Residential Innovation; Clean Energy Council for Outstanding Contribution to the Industry; Green Globe Awards finalist for Innovation; and Australian Growth Company Awards for Sustainability and Cleantech.

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