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What is Solar Maximiser ?
There’s an ever-growing list of options to electrify your home and save on your energy bills – it can be hard to know where to start or what the right next step is for your own household.
That’s why Solar Citizens is partnering with Solar Analytics to share their Solar Maximiser tool. Solar Maximiser takes the guesswork out of home electrification by giving personalised, independent and tailored advice to optimise your Smart Energy Choices.

Why use the Solar Maximiser?

Is now the time to get rooftop solar or upgrade your solar system? Is a solar battery right for you, or should you upgrade to an energy-efficient hot water heat pump? In just 60 seconds, Solar Maximiser can help you find out!


Save Money
See the savings you can get from adding the optimal rooftop solar, solar battery and hot water heat pump.


Simple and Personalised
Get your recommended Smart Energy solutions in 60 seconds, based on your unique needs.

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Actionable Recommendations
All your FAQ answered plus next steps to realise your savings.

Find out which will save you more - a heat pump, solar, or battery?