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Get more savings, more control and more confidence. The energy freedom of near-zero energy bills, net zero carbon emissions and zero hassle.

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Looking to reduce your electricity bill even more with your solar?

Solar Analytics software does it all for you so you can sit back and enjoy your solar savings.

Plan Optimiser takes the guesswork out of finding the best electricity plan, saving an average of $400 every year.

True Performance finds and gets faults fixed faster, making sure your solar is performing at 100%.

Battery Calculator shows you the cost and benefits of the right size battery for your needs. 

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How do I start my FREE Solar Health Check?

For your no obligation, cancel-at-any-time, FREE solar energy system health check, follow these 3 easy steps to start analysing your system and comparing solar energy plans.


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Still have questions?

How much does Solar Analytics cost?


Our residential subscription costs $59 pa and saves you on average $400 every year, See all pricing options here.

Do I need to purchase or install any hardware or equipment.


If you have a Fronius, Sungrow, GoodWe or GE solar inverter you don’t need any additional hardware, you can connect Solar Analytics in a few minutes online. If you don't have one of these inverters, you will need to purchase an energy meter from Wattwatchers - contact for a list of local solar retailers who can provide this equipment.

Why should I pay for Solar Analytics when I get free monitoring with my inverter?


Inverter apps only provide basic energy data. Solar Analytics automatically analyses this data to show you how to maximise your savings. We do this by automatically finding you the best retail electricity plan, identifying any faults so they can be fixed faster, tracking your savings, and showing you the right time and right size battery.

I have solar, but I just got a high electricity bill. Why?


There are three potential causes. 1. Your solar system could be faulty. 2. You may be using more energy than usual. 3. Electricity prices are rising, and you may not be on the best energy plan.

Is every electricity plan in the market covered by your service?


Yes, all Time of Use and Flat Tariff electricity plans available in your area are analysed, and the plans with the greatest savings potential are shown.

Do you take commissions from energy retailers when people switch plans?


No, Solar Analytics is completely independant, this allows for an unbiased analysis of the best energy plan for you.

Does Plan Optimiser work if I have a battery?


Yes, it also works for batteries. It will help you get the most savings out of your battery.

Does Plan Optimiser save me money every year?


Yes. There are thousands of new and changed electricity plans every month, and based on your energy usage and available energy plans, you will continue to save every year by switching to a better plan (source: Victoria Energy Policy Centre).

How does Solar Analytics save me money?


Solar Analytics helps you save money by identifying any issues with your solar power system that may be impacting its performance. By addressing these issues, you can improve your system's efficiency and reduce your electricity bills over time.

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